At Michelon, we are passionate about Bazadaises!


We are Caron & Andrew McCulloch and we are farmers who have bred Bazadaises in the U.K. for 20 years. We followed our passion for the Bazadaise Breed & relocated to the hamlet “Michelon” in Birac, France, bringing with us from the UK 18 of our genetically best Bazadaises.

Our objectives and passion are to help increase the number of Bazadaises so that this great breed has the continued recognition it deserves. We know that healthy, contented, stress free animals grow up to be quality animals.

Our farming policy is open, balanced and compassionate. The welfare and well being of our animals is paramount.
about Bazadaise 33We believe in traceability. Sustainable, non-intensive agriculture, otherwise known as climate friendly farming. Almost all of our balanced diet for our cattle is cultivated and grown on farm.

Even the water our cattle drinks comes from our own natural spring. Some of our cattle go further and use our water to take a bath in it!

At Team Michelon, we are passionate about the Bazadaise breed and are proud to breed them and help increase their numbers